Window Cleaning in the Rain

Adverse Weather

Unfortunately here in the UK we are adverse to constant weather changes, this includes rainy conditions.  In this article I will cover the misconception that rain makes clean windows worse.

Spotless Cleaning

Some beliefs are that once a window has been cleaned any rain can leave it streaky, spotty or even dirty.  This may be the case if traditional soap or cleaning chemicals have been used previously, however with a professional clean that uses pure, de-ionised water and modern techniques, cleaning in weather conditions such as rain will leave a spotless, streak free clean.  The only exception to this rule, is if there is a lot of wind this can blow up dust particles onto wet windows which may leave spots.  If this is the case, we will not clean in such conditions.

With professional equipment such as WFP (water fed poles), purified and Di-Ionised water, Scrim, microfiber clothes, trolley system and hoses, as well as trained skills, windows can be cleaned in rainy conditions with no issue.

Once all soap and chemicals have been removed from the glass.  Rainwater is clear of minerals as opposed to tap water which can contribute to spots and smears.

Window cleaning in the rain

Purified Water

Once windows are cleaned with WFP systems, our purified water which is measured by a TDS meter (Total dissolved solids), windows will dry clear and spotless after rain conditions.

Benefits of this type of cleaning include;

  •  Staying cleaner for longer
  •  Helps keep window seals last longer
  •  Environmentally friendly/eco-friendly
  •  Spotless and streak free cleans
  •  Sills, soffits, fascia’s and frames can be cleaned
  •  Inaccessible windows can be reached.
  •  Conservatory/roofs cleans
  •  Velux window cleans
  •  Solar panel cleaning
  •  Safety
Please let us know if you require a professional window cleaning service and we can work out a quote for your property or commercial business.  Contact us today on, 07930 436515 or, for a quote.

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