Here are some frequently asked questions.

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What is a Pure Water System, and how do you clean my windows with it?

We specialise in the filtration and di-ionisation of water for a spotless, streak-free window clean. Our meticulous five-stage filtering process, combined with the use of a di-ionising vessel, ensures that your windows are left spotless and crystal clear. For initial cleans, we take extra care by going over the windows at least a couple of times to remove any residue from previous soap or detergent applications.

We use an industry-standard, water-fed pole, and trolley system, which enables us to effectively clean even the most inaccessible windows. We clean around window sills and finish with a thorough rinse so that once your windows are dry, they will be streak-free and sparkling clean.

Is it possible to guarantee a spotless finish on the first clean?
First cleans can be more time-consuming as we tackle the extra dirt, grime, and possibly soap on your windows from previous cleans. With our cleaning system, we clean all around your window sills and again we may have to go over this a couple of times on the first clean. There is no additional charge for the initial cleaning. While there may be the occasional spots or dribbles left after we finish, rest assured that our second and third cleans will always leave your windows spotless.
Can you clean when it is raining?

Are you tired of waiting for good weather to get your windows cleaned? As opposed to traditional cleaning methods, our modern pure water system works great in the rain as long as there’s little wind. We can clean your windows in the rain without any issues. Some other companies will not clean in the rain but this is down to personal preference rather than quality control, we have suitable gear to work in such conditions. This means a more regular cleaning cycle for you as our valued customer.

Read more about cleaning in the rain here.

How regularly should I have a window clean?
We offer flexible cleaning options to suit your needs. Our 2, 4, or 8 weekly cycles ensure that your windows stay clean. Most customers prefer a monthly clean however if you live on the coast, you may want to consider a fortnightly cleaning cycle depending on where your property is and how quickly it gets dirty. Not only does a monthly cycle provide regular maintenance, but it also offers cost savings compared to an 8-week cycle.
Can you clean when we are not in?
Yes of course, if your property has easy access to all of the windows, for example, an unlocked gate, then we will leave you an invoice with bank details, confirming our visit and providing a means of payment. I usually send a text or email before cleaning so that you know when we are cleaning.

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